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Danny Tenagla Boxed 95 Cat Bxd 1114

Oldskool Freak

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Danny Tenagla Boxed 95 Cat Bxd 1114

001 - Scotti Deep is Fahoms NY - Brooklyn Beats (Original Mix) (Henry Street Music)
02A - Liberty City - That's What I Got (Oscar G's ''U Got'' Dub) (TRIBAL America)
02B - Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space - Reach For Me (Accapella) (Murk Rec.)
03A - Angel Moraes Feat. Sally Cortes - Welcome To The Factory (Instr.) (Hot 'N' Spicy)
03B - First Choice - Let No Man Put Usunder (Accapella)
03C - Loleatta Holloway - Crash Goes Love (Yell-Apella) (Warlock Rec.)
04A - E-N - The Horn Ride (Ride The Lisbon Underground) (TRIBAL America)
04B - Ride Committee Feat. Roxy - Accident (Interludes) (TRIBAL America)
05A - Danny Tenaglia - Ohno (Album Version) (TRIBAL America)
05B - E-N - The Horn Ride (Horn-A-Pella) (TRIBAL America)
05C - ??? ( OK Accapella )
006 - Johnny Dangerous - Father In Heaven (Mr. Marvin Aquatic Park Mix) (Downtown)
07A - Fresh & Low - Interlude (Original Mix) (Strictly 4 Groovers)
07B - Jamiroquayi - Emergency On Planet Earth (Jamiropella) (Columbia US)
008 - Barry White - I Only Want To Be With You (Tommy D Big Love Thang Mix) (A&M PM)
009 - ????
10A - Karnack - Black Moon (Original Mix) (TRIBAL America)
10B - Ride Committee Feat. Roxy - Accident (Interlude)
011 - Karnack - White Rain (Original Mix) (TRIBAL America)
012 - ?????
13A - Danny Tenaglia- Wurk! (Album Version) (TRIBAL America)
13B - ?????? (Accapella)
014 - Danny Tenaglia Feat Carole Sylvan - Look Ahead (Album Version) (TRIBAL America)
15A - Deep Dish Pres. Quench DC - Sexy Dance (Original Sexy) (TRIBAL America)
15B - Janis Joplin - Ball & Chain (Outro Live Version) (Columbia US)
15C - Bonus Beats - ???
016 - Cheeky Boy - Once In A Plastic Time (Original Cheeky Boy EP Version) (White Label)

A cracking mix:JC_doubleup:


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